Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Santa -- Listen Up

Peanut and I were waiting to see the doctor yesterday and I decided to ping Peanut a bit on what she might want for Christmas. I was thinking a camera but she loved the Loving Family dollhouse at a friend's so I just started tossing out suggestions.

"What would you want more, a dollhouse or a camera?"

She thought for a moment. "A dollhouse."

"Okay. What would you prefer, a dollhouse or a big Disney princess doll?"

The answer was surprisingly quick for someone who loves princesses. "A dollhouse."

"Okay. What would you prefer--"

She cut me off, staring at me. "A dollhouse, mommy," she said seriously with her "WTF aren't you getting here?" look.

Oooooookay. A dollhouse. Got it.

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