Thursday, August 12, 2010

The 1 to 2 Jump

About a year ago, we entered the realm of having multiple children. As in more than one.

I honestly was not prepared for how hard it is. Part of the difficulty is the age gap. Which we deliberately (and naively) chose. Only 2 years difference means I have a toddler who needs help with many things adn can only stay entertained for short bursts of time and an infant who can do nothing for himself. Basically 2 highly labor intensive individuals both looking to me and my husband for help. And when he's out of town enjoying quiet dinners out or room service, just me.

I remember it being hard with the Peanut. I clearly remember being in bed with her and Mr. P and Mr. P looking at me and saying "now I understand why some people only have one child." And here's the thing -- she was an easy baby. A VERY easy baby. She was amazingly happy, even when sick, a good eater, not terribly gassy or fussy, great about putting herself to sleep from an early age. But like all babies, very labor intensive.

Now I realize there is a reward (hopefully) that the kids will play together, entertain each other, that I can double up like bathing them both together. And some of that is happening. But now I also hear the beginnings of "NOOOOOOOO!!! That's miiiiiiinnnneee!" and the don't-touch-me's and "no, I want to sit with you" and all the other harbingers of the typical sibling relationship. I'm just booking our appearance on Jerry Springer now well in advance.

But the laundry, the different needs, remembering that Peanut could use one type of lotion but the same lotion made Sock break out in a rash -- it takes a lot. Mr. P would continually ask me for medicine dosages as the kids would invariably be put on the same meds but require different doses. Plus the realization that we no longer outnumber our offspring. We're even. The revolution could happen one day -- and they could win.

In a sappier streak, I have to say the bad of having two is outweighed by the good. Overall we are happy with our family of four.

But it has heightened my desire for a live-in chef/maid/nanny...

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